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We're excited to announce the debut of WIPcoin, created as an ERC20 standard token to engage with our audience in a more intimate way. To earn WIPcoin, one simply needs to attend a WIP event and sign the guest list. Once the guest list has been finalized, you will be able to claim your WIPC from our webpage.

Forgot to claim last week? No worries! The contract will keep track of how much you have earned, and you can withdraw your "mined" amount at any time. Our goal is to always be able to reward our loyal fans for attending our events. This means that if you earn WIPC, there will always be a way to redeem it for something, whether it is WIP swag, wearables, NFTs, access to premium events and raffles, and more to comeā€¦

Upon deployment of the contract, 36% of the tokens will be minted and distributed. 24% of the WIPcoins will be distributed to the team, existing members from the WIP crew will receive 6%, and the remaining 6% will be used as a backdrop among all attendees that have attended previous WIPs and signed the guestbooks at a rate of 48 WIPC per visit. Following the initial drop, there will be a weekly distribution method with a halving period of 32 weeks. 1% will be distributed every week for 32 weeks, and then the first halving event will occur and reduce the distribution to 0.5% per week for the next 32 weeks.

1% for the first 32 weeks (1st Period)
0.5% for the next 32 weeks (2nd Period)
0.25% for the next 32 weeks (3rd Period)
0.125% for the next 32 weeks (4th Period)

Time to next halving

... seconds

Weekly Distribution, 1st Period - 1% Of Supply

Team weekly expenses - 25%

Promotional Onboarding - 15%

Community Attendees - 60%

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